Global Media Blog #5

Global Media Blog #5

It was a sad day in Nollywood producer and director Amaka Igwe recently passed away. She was the creator of the popular TV series “Checkmate” and “Fuji House of Commotion”. She was reported to have died from a asthma attack. Most of Nollywood is incredibly sad because of her passing and this is huge and big news in Nollywood. Nollywood has lost a great director and inspiration to the Nollywood industry. 

Global Media Blog #4

Global Media Blog #4

This article has to deal with Australian TV broadcasting switching from analog television to digital television. I found this news article very relevant to our class because we have learned about analog TV and digital TV I also found it interesting that is has taken Australia this long for the whole country to finally switch over to digital TV. Now with the total digital switchover even the most remote areas of Australia will be able to enjoy digital TV just as the major cities of Australia have been doing. Australia is now completely analog-free as of 2013! 

Global Media Blog #3

Global Media Blog #3

This link in particular is dealing with the international sports industry. I found this article very interesting because it displays that the unrest between The US and Russia is flowing over into the sports world, as both US senators, and Russian Parliaments are requesting the FIFA association expel each other country from the 2014 World Cup. Each country is claiming that the other should not participate in the world cup because of their military unrest with other countries throughout the world. 

Global Media Blog #2

Global Media Blog #2

I found this website incredibly interesting as it is dealing with Russian online television and movies. This website has an archive of a ranging amount of Russian movies along with a multitude of Russian television shows to be streamed online. I found it really interesting that Russia has something like this available to the Russian people. It is very similar to websites we have available to us in the US, like Netflix. 

Global Media Blog #1

Global Media Blog #1

This article is dealing with the international film industry, in particular it is talking about Bollywood, the Indian Film Industry. I found this article interesting because they held what people consider the Bollywood Oscars in the US for 2014. This is the first time the event has ever been in held in the US. During this 4 day event a Indian TV crew followed around the Bollywood stars as they explored the Tampa Bay region of Florida. The Event is to be aired worldwide on June 8th  and expected to bring in 800 million worldwide viewers. Among all the Bollywood stars, some Hollywood stars also took part in the event including, Kevin Spacey, and John Travolta. I thought this article was appropriate because it shows the integration of multicultural film industries in the world. 

SXSW Social Media Recap

South By Southwest. One of the biggest annual music, film, and interactive conference festivals held in Austin, Texas, annually every March.


South by Southwest’s (SXSW) music side allows attendees to discover the music industry during the day at panels, talks, trade shows, and other conference activities, while enjoying a range of musical talent from performers around the globe.

SXSW’s film side brings together creatives of all kinds as they gather to witness, explore, and share the visions that will inspire the filmmakers and ideas of tomorrow. The SXSW Interactive Festival combines cutting-edge technologies and digital creations to display ideas of the future. SXSW is the full package and has brought life and meaning to Austin for the past 21 years.

The festival has created buzz around the world, but what were people saying this year about SXSW? We turned to social media to measure engagement, awareness and trends before, during and after the festival.
Before the event, the hashtag #SXSWi was used throughout the lectures and events during the South By Southwest Interactive portion of the festival. The top five brands that were mentioned during the SXSW Interactive conferences were Chevy, Subway, Pennzoil, AT&T, Monster, Delloitte, IPC, Esurance and American Express. Chevrolet generated 1,419 mentions, Subway generated 1,346 mentions, and Penzoil generated 1,036 mentions, which ranked mostly positive. This occurred on March 7 – 11 before the music and film part of the festival started For the brands and companies that were mentioned, we believe it was extremely beneficial to show them what they are doing well and what they need to improve on.


During the festival, the hashtag #SXSW was used on Twitter, so people could follow along with what was going on at the event and engage with those present. Companies were also tweeting along with the attendees. Radio Shack tweeted, ”Hey SXSW! Running low on battery? Tweet us w/ #RSSXSW & we’ll get you a portable charger!” The company decided to use their own hashtag to bring chargers to festival-goers and also measure how many customers they served.
Mashable posted a video on Vine featuring Kevin Bacon speaking to a group of attendees, while Pinterest tweeted “If you’re at @sxsw and looking for tasty grub, @urbanspoon has all the #BBQ & tacos to try”  with a digital map, featuring some of the best local restaurants in the Austin area. We believe this was a useful resource for all of the people who were not familiar with the city.
Oreo even made its presence among the SXSW chat with a poem replying to The Product Poet. They responded, “@ProductPoet @saramctweets
We love you more,
Let’s be together for sure,
There’s no need for SXSW,
Just go to the store.

With their 100th Anniversary posts on Facebook to their Dunk in the Dark tweet, Oreo has proven they are on top of their social media game.


As many were well informed through watching the news, there was a terrible deadly accident that took place in the middle of SXSW. A drunk driver plowed through streets that were blockaded for SXSW-goers waiting to enter popular venues for SXSW concerts. After hitting many pedestrians, a bicyclist, a couple on a moped, a couple on a motorcycle, a van and a taxi cab, the driver was finally stopped and apprehended. Two victims were killed on scene, two more died later on at the hospital from their injuries, and 21 others were injured. The defendant is being charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and capital murder.
Throughout this awful time news stations and those on social media were going crazy providing information and prayers for the victims and their families affected. Hashtags that appeared on Twitter included #sxswaccident, #sxswcrash, #austincares, and #savegracie. People that were around the accident at the time were also posting photos to twitter showing the leftover debris and the shocked and distressed witnesses of this horrific accident. Many people were also posting links to help fund victim hospital bills. It was really inspiring to see the Twitter community come together during this time and show support for the families of the affected victims.
Although the festival has come to an end, SXSW is still being mentioned on social media as the drunk driver faces 20 new charges then when the accident first happened. SXSW also announced the dates of next year’s festival, which is creating social media buzz. From our discoveries, it is apparent that SXSW will be the spotlight of online discussion for a while.


By: Kelly Linthicum, Kirby Satterfield & Clark Lammert

Command Center Assignment

I had to the opportunity to volunteer at the Outpost center for a Texas Tech Agriculture event about a farm bill.  There were three guest speakers that spoke about passing a new farm bill in the South Plains and Panhandle area.  My job in the Outpost Center was taking care of the Storify, which is basically the job of taking what everyone was tweeting during different times of the event and putting them in chronological order and essentially making them into a story. My job specifically was to separate the tweets that my fellow team member were emailing me from Hootsuite, and put them under the guest speaker that they were referring too. Also since I was in the last shift for the event I then had to separate the tweets that were wrapping up the event and closing remarks. Overall the experience was really cool and beneficial. It was interesting to get so involved and have to keep up with such a fast pace. It was honestly pretty exhilarating. I think that I got a lot out of the experience, I will be able to take what I learned today on how to run the software Storify, and the experience of working with a team and monitoring an event, on with me to my future job.  The only thing that I wish was different was that we had more time to be in the Outpost Center. Our session got cut a little short because they wrapped up the event sooner than we thought they would. I think this experience was incredibly beneficial and will help me exponentially in finding a job. 

Generation Like

In watching the Frontline Video, “Generation Like” I found it very interesting and relatable. I know that I partake in the social media world daily, and multiple times a day, but I do it mindlessly and don’t really realize all the elements that really go into it all. I guess I can say that I really do feel good if I get a lot of likes on a picture on Instagram or Facebook, but I never realized that likes are actually a currency. It amazes me people like Tyler Oakley’s likes and subscribers eventually transferred into actual money. It also really interested me that people collaborate together to get more likes and help people get more subscribers which in turn helps them get sponsorships which leads to actual money. I think we all want to be liked and we all in some way or another would love to have so many people following us that companies are coming to us  to sponsor us and give us money. But the real thing I think that motivates or generation is the fame. Fame is much more achievable for the average person with the use of social media now. Yes, the money is awesome but it is really just a plus in comparison to the fame we can get from social media. Our generation loves to be liked and admired by others. We want people to know who we are and want to be like us. It gives us a sense of self worth and empowerment. 

Twitter Assignment PR3315

Last Friday, February 20, 2014, my PR class had the pleasure of getting the insight into the world of social media monitoring via Allison Matherly. Allison monitors all of the social media for Texas Tech University. What really shocked me was how much time and details goes into monitoring social media for an entire university. For me all the stress and pressure of making sure a university maintains a certain image would seem very overwhelming, but the fact she handles it with such grace and poise amazes me. Throughout the presentation, we were encouraged, as a class, to tweet our thoughts, comments or concerns. I found this very fun and interesting to see what all my classmates and Allison were thinking throughout the presentation. It was also cool to be able to interact with each other through twitter without disrupting the presentation. I interacted particularly with other classmates over the debate whether it was actually National biscuits and gravy day. I know this might seem entirely irrelevant to a presentation about social media monitoring, but Allison brought it up during the presentation and it seemed like everyone in our whole class couldn’t help but tweet about and research it! There were quite a bit of conversations revolving around the topic. Most of the things I tweeted through out the conversation were things relevant to what Allison was saying, such as what my social media score was, and sharing how addicted I am to sharing everything that is going on in my life, at that exact moment. Definitely something I need to work on! Overall it was a very interesting and informative presentation that really opened my eyes to the world of social media monitoring. ImageImageImage

Hoggie Bear the Trouble Maker

Since I was away this weekend, in Austin getting surgery done on my mouth; I left my dog, Hogan, with my roommate Jill. I received many calls throughout my weekend away about Hogan’s attitude update, and I am sad to report that none of which were good. He not only completely destroyed 2 of our TV remotes but he had also eaten 2 pairs of slippers, 3 chap sticks, and devoured 2 pairs of my socks. I was very disappointed when all of this was reported to me because Hogan has made so much progress in last couple of months, since he lost his manhood. I know Hogan probably better than I know myself honestly since I have raised him since he was just 5 days old, that he hates when I leave him. Actually as I currently type this blog post he is ripping up my sheets and running around the room with my quilt on his head. Although he does seem to get himself into trouble I can’t stay mad at that 105-pound goofball for too long.